Thursday, July 22, 2010

Which Direction?

Domestic or International? That is the question. Which one? So far we have found out in Ohio, you pretty much have to be a foster parent in order to adopt. When a parental rights have been terminated, the foster parents are given first choice of the child. For the age group we are looking for, many others are as well. So we are questioning is there really a need? We have signed up the the classes here that they require before they can start the home study.

On the international front, I have been requesting info from other international adoption organizations. We are just trying to find where the Lord leads.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Beginning

WOW! God has made His will so loud and clear for our family. We are pretty comfortable in our family, and the number of kids we have. Noel and I use to say maybe one day we will adopt, but that is always been a decision we would make in the future. Well, the future is NOW. I think God has been nudging me along for the last couple of years, but while at the Southern Baptist Convention He convicted me so loud and clear. It was time to quit saying one day, but now is the time. God has blessed our family, and He is calling our family to find a child out their to share the love of God with. God has told is In His Word to take care of the widows and orphans. That is a mission God has charged our family with.

We are not sure if we will adopt a child domestically or internationally, but we want to find the child God wants for us. I hope to use this blog as an encouragement for others and to keep you up to date in our journey as we seek out our new little "dear" one.