Monday, April 30, 2012

Proud Wife Moment

I would like to take a moment to tell the world how proud I am of my husband.  I have always been proud of him in his ministry, his commitment to God, and to our family.  He has recently finished his first book.  God called him to write this book several years ago, and it is now finally done - gone to press.  

His book, Illuminating the Darkness: A Fresh andEffective Solution to Depression, Stress, and Anxiety, covers a very controversial topic in our world today - depression, stress, and anxiety.  He has done a masterful job of explaining the biblical way of handling depression.  He has helped many people search the scriptures and to help overcome this struggle in their lives. The truth of God's Word is powerful and effective in all our lives.

If you are interested in the book, it is available or can be ordered at your local bookstore or you can purchase the paperback or Kindle version on

Here is a little peak at the back cover of his book...

Are You Ready For A Change?
Every day there are new approaches and drugs to help people overcome the emotional pain of depression, stress, and anxiety. More people are being treated for these than ever before. So, one would presume emotional health and happiness would be at an all-time high. But you know that isn’t the case, not even close. In fact, the only thing that seems to be gaining prevalence faster than antidepressants is
depression itself!

Is there a way of escape? Is there a different approach from the failed strategies most often presented in self-help books and the doctor’s office? Is there hope for me? Can I live a life of real peace and joy?

Yes. Lasting joy and peace can be yours!
This is no idle promise from some new-fangled philosophy or rediscovered ancient herb.  This truth has the authority of the Bible, the simplicity of fruit on a vine, and the track-record of many generations who have discovered the real source of mental and emotional health.

This is not another strategy to try, rather it is the genuine truth about why people suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety, and how those pains can be replaced with joy, peace, and patience.

The truths presented here are…

  • Easy to understand
  • Practical in their everyday application
  • Powerfully effective in both the short and long term 
  • Proven

This book is both a challenge to everything you have heard about the cause and cure of emotional distress, and a real offer of hope. Learn here what thousands of others have learned and, enjoy an enduring harvest of the fruit of real joy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a Way to Start the Day

Our Monday was to start like any other week. We had several appointments, church events, tennis games,and to be capped of at the end with our daughter's drama performance on Friday and Saturday. Here it is Wednesday, and I am sitting in a hospital room with Rae. Monday morning Rae started having a seizure that truly scared us, and we raced off to our local ER. The ER was great and started working on her immediately to get the seizing to stop. They started some testing to get some early results and decide if we were to be transported to Children's. None of the early testing showed anything, but her CT showed something, so we were definitely being sent to Columbus. A ride in the mobile ICU is not a thing any parent wants to experience. Sitting alone praying for your child is about all you can do. We are very thankful for our friend Rochelle who came and picked up our girls. Their family has been a great help these last couple of days.

We have no record of our daughter having seizures before or knowing she had 2 previous strokes. We can only speculate that these happened before she entered the orphanage - we just don't know. There is no one to be angry at, but all we can to is move forward and give her the best medical care we can. God knew all that was going to happen, and we can just trust His plan. While we are scared and very concerned, we are so blessed by our friends and family literally all over the world are praying for us. We are truly thankful for all your messages and emails. She is one blessed little girl.

There are still many questions to be asked and tests to be done to find out the answers. We are thankful for the doctors that are working diligently to take care of her and to help her to find out what is causing this. We are thankful that no infection has shown up in the cultures so far. We pray that we are moving closer to find out what caused this and to even see if it related to her blood disorder. What ever it is, it is all of God's plan and He knows it all. We must trust His wisdom. I will chose to be thankful.

THURSDAY UPDATE - We were able to go home late Wednesday.  She is doing well on her new medicine.  We were told she could possible be mean while taking it, but we think it has given her the giggles which we will definitely take over the other.  We are loving these belly laughs! Pray there are no more seizures, and we can get more answers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter (a couple of days late)

This it the first chance I have had to post a pic from Easter.  It was a nice family day after worshiping our Risen Savior.  We decided to go out for brunch and then Rae to her first big screen movie.  It was just a great day!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nouns but Still no Verbs

Language is getting better everyday.  We have mastered many nouns and managed to put together a sentence of two.  The elusive verb has failed to make it into her vocabulary.  It is quite funny to hear her sentences or phrases she says.  When there are Mandarin words we know she is using, we stop and tell her the English word for it, and that has been helping.  We use to hear "can-no can-no" all the time which means "look" or "watch".  She is finally saying "look".  There are others words she uses and some others we have no idea what she is saying. 

We still have bouts of sadness for her nanny, but it does not usually last too long.  Today she was very sad and upset with her sisters and was wanting to go back.  I sat her down and asked her if she would like to see a picture of her Chinese mama.  I told her that her Chinese mama still loves her and that we love her, but this is her home now.  She was happy to see the picture, and we talked a little about her previous life.  The funniest thing she remembers about her nanny is the "kong-kong" shoes. If you do not know what "kong-kong" shoes are, they are in our family referred to as high-heels.  When I took her to the store to purchase some shoes, she wanted high-heels and was upset when I told her she was not old enough.  Needless to say, we had some drama over our shoe decisions.  So, she has to settle with wearing my "kong-kong" shoes around the house.

It is both interesting and sad to hear about her life before us.  We just pray that we can help heal wounds, and provide her the best possible life all children deserve.  Our prayer is that God will continue to bind our hearts together and build trust.