About Us

We are now Dear Family of Five.  Noel and I have been married for 16 years and have 3 wonderful daughters Hannah, 13, Emily, almost 11, and now Rae, 6.  Noel is a senior pastor here in Ohio, and I am a stay at home mom who home schools our girls, teaches piano, and dabbles in photography. 

God called our family to pursue adoption.  Early in our marriage we thought it may be the only solution for children, but God saw fit to bless us with our girls.  We never ruled out adoption in our future though.  Noel always wanted to find a child out there that we could help by bringing them into our family. We have truly been blessed thru this journey.

Our blog follows our journey meeting our new daughter's medical needs, homeschooling our daughters, life in the ministry, and other crazy happening in our lives.  In our family we do Jesus, Family, and most of all LOVE.