Thursday, September 29, 2011


PRAISE THE LORD, O PRAISE HIS NAME!!! We got the call!! The one we have been waiting for. It has been a LONG 2 months.  God came thru with some good news for us.  We can now introduce to you Yang Rui.  She is in Zigong City, Sichuan Province of China.  We will be keeping Rui as her first name, but we are not sure of the middle name yet.  Or I should say Noel has it, but is not ready to share.  We are over the moon excited. We will likely be spending the holidays in China.

Please pray for Rui as she starts to make transitions. We pray that we will be what she needs.  Please pray for others as they travel and wait for news about their children as well.

Here she is -


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday was a rough day to say the least, not just on the adoption front but other things in our lives as well.  I am trying to keep things in perspective  - We have not been waiting as long as some and the end result will be worth it.  It was just TOO hard yesterday.  We are waiting on our letter of acceptance from China so we can start preparing our travel paperwork, send a care package to our little girl, and officially announce her to the world. As of today we had been waiting 56 days, and I know the agency told us the average is 2-4 months, but it looked like it was tracking sooner. I was hoping this is one thing we didn't have to wait long for since we were delay on things with our homestudy.  I probably watch the forum boards too much, but it looked like we were likely to be in the next batch to be coming out.  My heart just sank when I saw were the agency had made all the calls, and our phone did not ring.  Myself and others who had been waiting were just sad, frustrated, mad, you name it.  While we are happy for those who are one step closer, but it was hard to see families getting theirs who had not been waiting as long as others. Our wait does not pale in comparison to one family who has been waiting for 130+ days for their letter.  All this took me back 10+ years ago when we were trying to get pregnant and everyone around us was and we were not.  At least I know there is a child at the end of all this.

We continue to pray and wonder why.  We just want our girl!! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FAQs about our adoption

We have had many questions asked about our adoption to either our daughters or to my husband or myself.  Some are can be a little comical and some we answer multiple times. 

Do you have her yet? When?
  •  No, we are currently waiting on official approval from the CCCWA.  At that time we will fill out more paperwork for visas and immigration and wait for travel approval.  So, right now it is a guess when we travel, but we pray it will be before end of the year.  If not then, it is likely January.
Do you have to go get her? Are all of you going?
  • Yes and yes, it will be an extra cost, but we cannot imagine our girls not going with us. It will be the ultimate field trip for a student.
Do you know who she is?
  • Yes, we received our referral in July with as much info they had on her.  We learned of her special need at that time, and after talking to several health professionals we felt it was something we could handle.  It is also one that is very manageable here in the US. 
Do you know anything about her family?
  • No.  She arrived in the children’s welfare institute after the China earthquake in 2008 at the age of approximately 3.  We only know where she was found and what she was wearing, but whatever the circumstances her family made the hardest decision a one could ever do.  It was a decision made out of love. If they are still alive, I pray for them.  I would also want them to know that we will take the best possible care of their daughter and love her unconditionally.  Are they bad parents – NO!
Does she speak English or Chinese? Will you teacher her English?
  • Being 6 years old, she most likely speaks Chinese.  We do not know if she speaks any English.  While we are learning some Mandarin, she will learn to speak English especially since she will be an American when she steps on the good ole soil of the USA.
Will she live with you? (I know, but someone did ask)
  • Yes.  She will have her own room unless she and Emily decide to bunk up and gang up on their sister.
Do you know her name or do you know it? Will it be "Allison"?
  • Yes and no, while I cannot announce her name on a public forum, she does.  We will be keeping her given name, due to the fact she knew it when she entered the CWI.  We will be giving her a middle name, and be given all the rights of any Dear family member. Allison was only used when we did not know who she was.  I know it is confusing
While this may not be all of them, but these are the most frequent ones. We are happy to answer questions people ask, but I thought this might help for those who have thought of some but were afraid to ask. We long for our "Gotcha Day" to add the newest member to our family.