Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday was a rough day to say the least, not just on the adoption front but other things in our lives as well.  I am trying to keep things in perspective  - We have not been waiting as long as some and the end result will be worth it.  It was just TOO hard yesterday.  We are waiting on our letter of acceptance from China so we can start preparing our travel paperwork, send a care package to our little girl, and officially announce her to the world. As of today we had been waiting 56 days, and I know the agency told us the average is 2-4 months, but it looked like it was tracking sooner. I was hoping this is one thing we didn't have to wait long for since we were delay on things with our homestudy.  I probably watch the forum boards too much, but it looked like we were likely to be in the next batch to be coming out.  My heart just sank when I saw were the agency had made all the calls, and our phone did not ring.  Myself and others who had been waiting were just sad, frustrated, mad, you name it.  While we are happy for those who are one step closer, but it was hard to see families getting theirs who had not been waiting as long as others. Our wait does not pale in comparison to one family who has been waiting for 130+ days for their letter.  All this took me back 10+ years ago when we were trying to get pregnant and everyone around us was and we were not.  At least I know there is a child at the end of all this.

We continue to pray and wonder why.  We just want our girl!! 

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  1. I am sorry, praying it comes this week!!!! I know the waiting can make you crazy!! That LOA wait was the worst part, because it was so unpredictable! We are waiting for our 1800 and feel like its taking forever, when its only been a week! LOL....I will be so glad when all the waiting is done and our children are in our arms where they belong!
    (((hugs))) I will be following your journey, God Bless u!