Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chinese Cooking

This week I had a recipe show up in my inbox for Meatless Monday that I thought I would try.  Granted, I substituted chicken for tofu.  It was for Fried Rice, which for our family became - Chicken Fried Rice.  I ventured down the Chinese aisle at the local store to pick up a few things.  This is an aisle I normally do not purchase items from, except for soy sauce.

The recipe also called for sake, but being a good PW I substituted rice vinegar. For the chicken, I decided to marinate with a mixture of the different sauces, which definitely helped the flavor of the chicken.  To save a step in the cooking, I didn't cook eggs separately.  I added them after the rice after making a well in the middle of the pan.  Another change I made was the carrot and peas, since my family are not the biggest fans.  For the carrots, I did a small julienne, and then I only had to purchased frozen peas.  I had started the prep for the dish early in the day so I would only have to assemble and cook after I was finished with piano lessons.

Thumbs up from the family!! All in all this dish was a hit, despite too many peas in the dish.  This will go in the rotation of family dishes.  Early prep made for easier cooking later. Next one I may try - beef and broccoli.  Also, I think I may need to purchase a rice steamer.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Nothing starts a week off like seeing updated pictures of our little girl! I love getting emails from our agency when they bring good news.  She is so beautiful, and I cannot wait not to wrap my hands around that girl.  She is smiling and happy.  Please China - finish approving us and send us that RA/LOA!!  I'm dying to show her off on to the internets!! 

Praying for "Allison"!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yes, we are still waiting.  I am trying not to think about.  I am just praying for our little girl's protection. 

In the mean time, I have been trying to think of ways to earn a little extra money for our adoption in addition to piano lessons and photography.  I have been playing with what is called "SubwayArt".  I saw were people are mostly creating these with Cricuts and stencils - I am creating with PhotoShop.  There are so many types of phrases and ideas, so I started with our school fight songs.  Would anyone be interested?  I am working out the details.  Shoot me a message if you are interested.  Here are a couple examples..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waiting in another line

Yes, more waiting.  Since we have our referrral now, many are asking well when do you get her. Good question.  We can guess and estimate, but I mostly depends on CCCWA(Chinese Welfare Assoc.) and US Immigration.  From our best estimate we are likely to travel the end of December or in January. We we love to travel right now - YES, but we can pray that our paperwork in the fast lane on someone's desk.

Here is the run down of our next few steps.  We are now waiting on an email from CCCWA telling us we have been officially approved(LOA or RA).  They will then FedEx us the official paperwork for us to sign and send back signifying that we want our little girl.  After this, we will send more paperwork to back Immigration (I-800) and applying for her visa.  We will also be applying for our visas to travel to China.  Once we get approval from this, we will be waiting on official travel approval (TA).  When all of this is done - we get plane tickets and travel with the next group going. All of us are going - leave as a family of 4 and come home as Dear PARTY OF FIVE!!

It is hard waiting, but it will be worth it when we see her.  When we receive official approval, I will be posting pictures.  Our agency is currently working on getting us updated ones.  Some have asked if we will be able to contact her before we get her.  We will be able to send care packages after we receive our RA.

We are currently trying to decide on her name.  While we have been calling her "Allison" to give us someone to pray for, it doesn't fit with her Chinese name.  We are keeping her Chinese name (it is too cute) and giving her a middle name.  Some we are tossing around - Hope, Katherine, Elizabeth, Lane, and a few others.  We do have to decide before we fill out her visa ap.  Noel thought of making a fundraiser out of naming her, but I'm not too sure.

Praying for "Allison" .