Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Everyday

Watch this video with your family tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Thanksgiving from Charles Dear on Vimeo.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life gets in the Way

 I know I have been a little behind on what is going on. I may try to do some posts of from Halloween and various other things that have been going on that I have missed posting about. We have been busy keeping up with appointments of either speech or physical therapy, rehearsals, and other things. I feel that I am in my car more than I am any where else.

 For the last couple of years, I have not sent out Christmas cards. So, yesterday we set out to take the dreaded Christmas card pictures. I was going to take pics at the beach, but it didn't work out. Thankfully the weather in Ohio has been good enough to still do them outside. There are not many fall leaves left, so we set out with a more urban look. The girls did well with only one minor meltdown. I should find something in all the pictures I took.

 Here is a sneak peak of a couple of them.

Who are these young ladies and where did you put my little girls?

 Happy 11 months Gotcha Day Rae! You are truly blossoming. You love to laugh, watch movies, eat ice cream, and drive your sisters crazy.  You are always looking for something to do.  You have a sweet spirit and love to pray for people.  I can't believe you have been our little girl for almost a year. We are excited to share your first Thanksgiving and more importantly - Christmas!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Cookies, Cookies, and More...

A couple of weeks Emily and her friend, Laura, received their first order for their bakery. They usually do cupcakes and a couple other things, but this was for something specific - 100 iced sugar cookies. A friend of ours Liz, who owns a local shop in Granville, asked the girls if they could make her some cookies for her Christmas Open House.

They were excited to do it, and to learn how to do something new. Last week we had a practice with what type of cookies and to practice their piping skills. It was fun trying to decide the colors, the decorations, and their taste. Once this was all decided last week, Monday started the baking and decorating. I think it was the first time we had used almost 5lbs of butter in one day. All the baking helped take our minds off the election, but we will not talk about that. By Thursday the girls, with a little help from the moms, had 100 cookies iced, decorated, and packaged to take to the open house Thursday night. Liz let the girls hand out their cookies and serve the punch for her. They even had some potential requests of orders for their cookies.

The girls are having fun doing what they enjoy and share the workloads. So, they are working on deciding on the perfect name for their bakery. The girls will be hopefully be selling their cupcakes and cookies during the Candlelight Walk in Granville in December. We as the moms like their entrepreneurial spirit they have and with all this - they may have some of their college paid for before they get out of high school.

Emily and Laura

The Cookies

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