Monday, November 15, 2010

Is Adoption Missional?

Quick update-Our Waiting Child application has been approved for us to start looking at referrals on the shared/special focus list. We had tried to inquire about one girl, but she had already been taken off the list. I pray she has found a wonderful home.

It has been tough getting paperwork done because of many other things going on. We hope to get everything done the week of Thanksgiving. As the holidays approach, I think about our daughter who will be here to celebrate next year. She will know the true reason of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I stumbled across an article on adoption my hubby posted a couple of years ago written by our friend Johnny. Is Adoption Missional? Check is out. Johnny, Beth, James and Xiaoli are headed back to China this week to visit the orphanages they are from. Praying for their safe travels, and looking for to when we get to go as well.

Praying for "Allison" - we do not know who she is , but go does.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Study Visit

Today was the first of a few home study visits made by our social worker, Amy.  We found out she actually lives near us in Granville.  It was very nice meeting her, and also getting to know her adoption stories.  She has 2 bio girls and 2 chosen boys (one from USA and amother from China). She was able to give us some good advice when working on attachment and bonding issues. 

She did several interviews with each member of our family, except Hannah at this time.  Emily couldn't wait till next week.  Hubby was a little nervous about the safety inspection, but we passed with flying colors as well with the fire inspection. He also want to do major cleaning, which we felt went on for days.  We have another meeting next week for more interviews.

We like our social worker, and she is also very encouraging and a good resource for the future.