Monday, March 21, 2011

Next Phase of Waiting

I know I am not updating much lately, but we are in the waiting process again.  I am trying to update the timeline when things happen that do not warrant a full update. So check there occasionally.  We finally received our approved home study paperwork so we could send in our I-800A to Homeland Security.  We did get notification they received it, and now we are waiting for our appointment to get fingerprinted again and pictures taken (or biometrics as they call it).  They told us this could take up to 3 months to get this back, and once this is approved we will be able to proceed to finish our dossier.  Our paperwork is ready to move onto the authentication process.  I am waiting for I-800A to come in before I get all the paperwork verified by its various levels. 

I am so ready for our paperwork ready to be sent to China and logged in.  A new set of referrals will come in tonight, and there is a small chance we could get a call.  It will most likely be a few months before we get a call though.  With our different delays, it is looking like it will be the fall or closer to end of year before we would get to hopefully travel.   For some reason if fell God is giving me the month of October to travel.  I know He knows the date when we go, and I am just trying not to be too anxious and wait. 

While we are waiting we are starting to work on filling our grant paperwork and trying to decide if we are going to do a fundraiser.  There is a small one that is ongoing  here on our blog call the Chosen Child adoption bands.  Part of the proceeds of those sales go toward some of our expenses.  If you happen to be coming to the Taste of Home event this Tuesday in Granville, I will have a small display up there with more information and where you can see the bands.  We also decided that any photo session proceeds I do this year will go toward our adoption funds as well.

Keep Praying

Longing for "Allison"