Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nouns but Still no Verbs

Language is getting better everyday.  We have mastered many nouns and managed to put together a sentence of two.  The elusive verb has failed to make it into her vocabulary.  It is quite funny to hear her sentences or phrases she says.  When there are Mandarin words we know she is using, we stop and tell her the English word for it, and that has been helping.  We use to hear "can-no can-no" all the time which means "look" or "watch".  She is finally saying "look".  There are others words she uses and some others we have no idea what she is saying. 

We still have bouts of sadness for her nanny, but it does not usually last too long.  Today she was very sad and upset with her sisters and was wanting to go back.  I sat her down and asked her if she would like to see a picture of her Chinese mama.  I told her that her Chinese mama still loves her and that we love her, but this is her home now.  She was happy to see the picture, and we talked a little about her previous life.  The funniest thing she remembers about her nanny is the "kong-kong" shoes. If you do not know what "kong-kong" shoes are, they are in our family referred to as high-heels.  When I took her to the store to purchase some shoes, she wanted high-heels and was upset when I told her she was not old enough.  Needless to say, we had some drama over our shoe decisions.  So, she has to settle with wearing my "kong-kong" shoes around the house.

It is both interesting and sad to hear about her life before us.  We just pray that we can help heal wounds, and provide her the best possible life all children deserve.  Our prayer is that God will continue to bind our hearts together and build trust.

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