Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Months

I am overwhelmed by how many people have viewed our video of our journey. I was going to wait to post it today, but I could not wait.  Please share with any of your friends who may be interested in adopting.

Yesterday proved to be an interesting morning for us with a trip to the emergency room.  Rae has 2 major nose bleeds in less than six hours, and we just wanted to be safe.  We were able to see and ENT and get her blood count.  Now we can add ENT to our list of doctor appointments we will have.

Rae is doing great despite all the doctor visits.  She still likes to hang with mom or dad everywhere we go, but she will stay in her Sunday School class by herself now.  When we go some where she knows people, she is a little social butterfly.  She is starting to play with girls her age. She recognizes letters and numbers she knows whenever we are out. She loves to help around the house especially sweeping and folding(yea for mom). Her new favorite phrase right now - "just a little bit".  She also loves her new bike, and loves riding it around in circles in our garage.

We have more doctor appointments in our future.  They are still trying to nail down what it going on with her blood disorder.  We have seen the ophthalmologist to see what is happening with her strabismus, and she will have surgery at some point to realign her eyes.  As of yesterday we will now need to see an ENT to see if there is anything we can do to curtail her nosebleeds. 

She is truly a brave little girl dealing with all we have put her thru these past months. Please pray for one of the girls that was adopted at the same time - Lily.  She is having her first palette repair Thursday.  The other 2 girls in our group have had their surgeries and seem to be doing well.

our beautiful girl
she loves to dance around

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  1. Donna, these photos of Rae are just so incredible. You are such an awesome photographer. Love ya!!