Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Hospital Stay

It has been a crazy couple of days in the Dear family.  My in-laws came in town to visit with us and see Rae for the first time.  They also were able to see Hannah's band concert and were also going to see Emily and Rae sing in the children's choir Sunday morning.  On Friday, I was throwing a party to celebrate my husband's book that has just come out (more on that coming in another post).  It is funny how things can change in a minute.

From Thursday midnight till Friday morning Rae had  6 nosebleeds (2 major, 4 minor).  The last one would not stop bleeding, so we rushed her to Children's.  Hannah was a big help by going to me to the emergency room because Noel was in the middle of fixing the sink, and after all we were to have people at our house.  After getting here, they were finally able to stop the nosebleed, and since she has lost so much blood, and her counts are still low, they wanted to give her platelets. Because of the severity of the bleed, they wanted us to stay overnight to make sure if her nose did bleed again, she was here.  We made all of our arrangements for us to stay the night, and in the mean time her hematologist is consulted.  He wanted Rae to have a 3-day steroid infusion that has to be monitored in the hospital.  So here we sit.  The 2nd infusion is late this afternoon.  She is doing well despite having to be hooked up to her IV all the time, and she has been a brave girl with all the stuff being done to her.  She is loving all the chocolate milk she wants though.  There is a possibility we will go home Sunday night, but if not it will be Monday. Thanks for all the Facebook messages and prayers.  Thanks to my hubby holding down the fort at home and bringing me Chick-fil-a this morning.

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  1. Praying for you all. Rae is a trooper and will sail through this. Love you!