Saturday, July 16, 2011


This past Wednesday we received a call from our family coordinator telling us that they have a potential match for us. I was totally surprised, since most calls go out once a month, so I thought. She told us they had been monitoring the system, and this little girl popped up. Her special need was a maybe on our list, and our agency asked if we would be willing to consider her. We choose to look at her file and locked her in the next morning. Immediately we started researching her need and talking with our pediatrician and other medical professionals. We also sought God's leading as well.

We were able to receive a newer update on her, and after that we knew she was ours. On Friday morning we excepted our referral for little girl. We now wait for our Referral Acceptance from China. It could take up to 6 months to receive this, but pray that it will not take that long. We are anxious to meet our "Allison"

I know some of this is vague, but we will fill you in when we can. We know have a face, and her Chinese name we can pray for.

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