Monday, October 17, 2011

Immigration and Visas

Since we have received our LOA/RA we are now waiting on Rui's immigration paperwork and her visa to be approved.  We should be receiving the first step in that the week.  I had hope to get our family's visa work done quickly, but we hit a snafu in that.  The Embassy in DC no longer processes everyone's papers, but has to be done in our respective Consulates that our authentications were processed through.  We know we will be using a courier service in NYC.  Their government has also changed their forms, and are very particular how things should be filled out.  While talking to our courier service, I found out that due to my hubby's job, we cannot apply for his visa until closer to the time we leave.  The girls and I will have no problem with ours, but we have to watch our timing for his.

We also are hoping to send Rui her care package this week.  I am getting pictures ready to send her, as well as writing her a letter.  I pray that her SWI will take pictures with the camera we are sending.  We are also trying to get things moved around so we can start working on her room.  We are moving our schoolroom to the basement, but things have to be moved in order to accomplish this.  I am planning on leaving her room the color it is and use items we currently have.  I am going to let her pick out her color and bedding when she gets HOME.  I do have to get busy and finish sewing some outfits for her before we leave.

Please keep praying for her and her safety.  We love you RUI!! We cannot wait to come and get you!!!

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