Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Through My Eyes Book

This summer I was able to get a little reading done.  One of my favorites was the Tim Tebow's book Through My Eyes.  I always enjoyed watching him play football even though he played for Florida, and it has been great to see how God has used him with the national platform he has been given.

His book talks about his family, and how his mom almost lost him before he was born.  His parents were amazing influences on his life. It follows his early life in the Philippines till when he was drafted in the NFL.  He grew up as the youngest of 5 children of which were all homeschooled.  I loved hearing about this, since we homeschool our children.  I loved reading how his mom not only taught them school, but the importance of memorizing scripture.  Pam Tebow was truly the backbone of her family.

This is one of my favorite excerpts from the book Tim says about his legacy, "I see it more in terms of rewards in heaven than just leaving a legacy on earth, because if one is not careful, focusing on a legacy could easily become material or "thing" focused.  But a legacy a legacy that left remembered in this world and the next.  The legacy God intended each of us to leave has to do with the impact our lives have had on the lives of other whom He calls us to serve... Finish strong and you not just yourself, you help others"

I would highly recommend reading this book and having your children read it.  It shows you what one person sold out to God and letting God control your life, you can make an eternal difference in this world.

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