Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gotcha Day One Year Later.

WOW! Has it really been a year? The day we waited for. The day we will never forget. December 19th, the day Yang Rui joined our family. Was is pretty? NO! Would we do all over again - YES!

This year we tackled what few people thought would not be worth it, to bring an older child who does not speak our language and who has multiple health issues to be apart of our family. She was our daughter the first time we saw her pictures. Would could not wait for her to become another Dear girl. It has been a joy to see her change from this shy little girl who kicked, screams and cried, to a girl who loves people and loves to curl up with you on the sofa. She has a smile that will melt your heart.

In this past year, we have been able to get her blood disorder somewhat under control, while not where it should be - it's manageable. She is not suffering any more nosebleeds. Her eyes are almost perfect, but she may need one more surgery. We are also thankful there have not been anymore seizures, which it totally baffling her doctor. God is Great!

As far as her language, she is gotten pretty good at it. She has lost her first language, but does remember a few words and could probably sing a few songs. In school, she is doing great at math and not far from being caught up to where she should be. She has started to learn to read thanks to help from a speech therapist and myself. It is amazing to see the light turn on and to see her learn something that she may not have been able to do in China. While most kids her age were in school in China, we were not sure if she was. She does have some struggles, but she is excited (most of the time). It is fun to see her gain that confidence.

Earlier this year Rae started taking tennis lessons, but we had to put it on hold after her eye surgery. After first of the year, she will start back. She loves to go play tennis with Mr. Bob. She also participated in her first homeschool co-op class. She loved going to drama/art class. She is a good little artist and loves to draw. With her sister Emily she performed in her first little play in November. She didn't have any speaking line, but she danced in the bathtub.

We are do sometimes hear about her life, prior to us. Some things were happy - like helping her nanny make spicy noodles. Then there are other things that make us sad and her cry. We pray that we can help her thru those sad memories.

We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas at home with her. She doesn't quite understand why all the presents, but she loves all the decorations and watching Christmas movies. She does know that it is Jesus' birthday.

Gotcha Day! She was not to sure of us.


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