Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What to say..

I know I do well writing some weeks and others not so much. I get ready to start, but then something comes up and I don't get it typed up. I often just put a quick blurb on Facebook. Many things happen in our family each week and I need to do better writing them down, not only for me but for my girls. So here goes...

A couple of weeks ago hubby and I left on a Vision Mission trip to Italy.  Our girls did not go, but they did get to stay with my in-laws for 2 weeks.  I know your first thought - Italy - why? why not? Italy is one of the least evangelize countries in modern world.  You may think they are all Catholic - less than 10% are practicing Catholics.  Here is the shocking statistic - less than 1% are evangelical Christians! This is why Italy. Out of a country of 60 million people, less than 1% have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is a sad fact to think of the lostness of such a beautiful country.

For eight days we visited different areas of the country to see where our church would like to partner and help the local Christians and missionaries. We were in Rome, Naples, Arezzo, Milan (Binasco), and Torrino.  We enjoyed meeting local missionaries and pastors, and also enjoyed getting to know the people we traveled with. The main missionary we worked with was Charlie Worthy.  He is basically the coordinator for all the mission work in Italy with the IMB.  It was a crazy, busy trip being in a different city every day.  We are looking forward to seeing where God has us work and sharing with the church how they can. The trip also included getting to see sites of the country and to eat local food.

I enjoyed seeing the areas of the country where Peter, Paul and the early missionaries walked. Visiting the Vatican was amazing as well as seeing the ruins of the Roman empire. We did get to visit the Colosseum where Christians were killed for their faith for sport.  It was amazing to see a country that dates back to Biblical times and to see sites older than America, and it reminded me of when we were in China.  Here in the US we just have nothing that compare to those sites. While there I was just reminded how thankful I am that I have a direct relationship with Christ.  I can go Him on my own and not thru anyone.  He is my sole source of joy and forgiveness

Hubby and I did enjoy a little time away.  We missed our girls and were worried about being away from the little one so long.  They did great, but we did have to do a little disciplining via Facetime. It was nice getting to spend time enjoying each other and to reconnect. We enjoyed holding hands and being silly walking thru the stone streets of Italy. Getting away as a couple is something we need because life gets busy, and we need time alone together away from (almost)everything.

Hubby and I at Sant'Elmo in Naples over looking the city.  That is Mt. Vesuvius on the right.

This church represents the state of the church in Italy. It like many others are no longer in use.

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