Monday, October 14, 2013

Party Time!

Last weekend we celebrated Rae's birthday. She had some of her friends over and had a Dollie and Me Tea Party. Hannah set up a blanket with a places for the girl's dolls where they played with their dolls. There was a food fight between the dolls, but thankfully it is was with fake food.

 After all the girls arrived, the girls made fascinators to wear during the party. It was a lot of fun creating their own little hats. I was thankful to have help from the older siblings. The girls looked so cute in their fascinators. Rae was excited to open all of her presents, and she got more Legos and some clothing for her AG dolls. She was very thankful for all her gifts but could not wait to eat cake and ice cream. But before that - they decorated sugar cookies.  It is one of her favorite things, and they were for the girls to take home. 

Her cake this year was strawberry with strawberry cream cheese frosting.  She also designed it.  She wanted to draw butterflies on it, but it was going to be to difficult for her, so we came up with another option.  I had her draw butterflies on paper and I melted white chocolate and traced them on wax paper.  She added them all over her cake.  It was very cute and delicious and topped off with her favorite ice cream - mint chocolate chip. 

Rae had a wonderful birthday, but I think she was a little sad it was over.  It was a great 3 days celebrating her.  I am not sure if her favorite was her party or getting to stay up late on Friday watching movies with her sisters having a "sister sleep-over"
Doll Tea Party

The lovely ladies in their fascinators

Birthday Girl!
the cake

playing on the swing set

Thank you to all the girls who helped Rae celebrate her birthday.  She had a wonderful time, and we hope you did too.

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