Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Paperwork Elephant

This past week we were assigned to our adoption coordinator and home study coordinator. We are excited to work with Amy and Teresse. We received several emails from each with all the forms we need to start filling out. It was a little overwhelming when I started printing them out and reading everything. Thankfully Noel has the gift of paper organization and filing, and has agreed to get it together, and put it in order of what needs to be done. In addition to all these forms, we have grant forms to fill out as well. Noel's goal is to set a land speed record of forms completed. Some of these forms require 2-4 pages typed out of like our life story.

So if you do not hear from us, we have drowned in paperwork. It is so worth it.

Our daughter is constantly on our minds, and we are looking forward to seeing her. We have given her a name for now, since we do not know who she is yet. The name we will lift up in prayer is "Allison".

Keep praying and pray for "Allison".


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