Monday, September 20, 2010

Why a girl?

Several have ask - why a girl? Why not? I know we have 2 girls - 3's a crowd.  We have prayed about it, and we feel God is calling us to adopt another girl.  Girls that are not adopted often have a great chance of being sold into a slave industry that is very prevalent in our society today in America and worldwide. Here is just one example of what can happen -  In following Natalie Grant and her mission to end human trafficking is another reason why it is important to help girls from ending up in situations as these. It is even happening in Ohio -

Keep Praying!!



  1. Makes sense to me. Human trafficking is a big problem, and we hear about it here in Bahrain. May God bless you guys and your new daughter! I'm praying that everything will go smoothly!

  2. Hi, Just saw your blog through the AW group. Congrats on your journey. I wanted to mention that actually the girls from China are chosen far more than the waiting boys by adoptive parents. I find it odd really, especially with agencies like AW where all are believers.

    Just wanted to be sure you knew the many waiting boys will wait FAR LONGER than a girl will wait. You can check with AW for the statistics but it is true.

    Respectfully, Leslie
    Proud Mommy of 4 Sons (2 homegrown, 2 from China/WC) and 1 Daughter (from China),

  3. Leslie, I do not doubt that, and we are not ruling out a boy in the future. This is the path God has chosen for us at this time.