Tuesday, November 8, 2011

VISA Application

We have filled out an enormous amount of paperwork for this adoption.  There is one set that has been a thorn in my side - VISA application! I have filled out this paperwork 3 if not 4 times and printed multiple due to mistakes I find.  We filled it out the first time and sent it in to be processed, but then the Embassy changed it's mind on something. Our agency sent it back. They also went from a 2 page application to a 4 page, because they want more info, like where you are staying, where you work, do you have insurance, etc. We also went from being able to use the Embassy to having to use the consulate in New York with a new courier.  So, we were going to wait till getting our TA before submitting it due to some extra paperwork we thought we were going to have to do.  Thankfully, with hubby in school, he can go on a student visa - YEA! This saves money and a few headaches.  Now, last week we receive an email from our agency telling us they can now do our visa paperwork and courier it for us at their rates.  PTL!! This saves us money, and we can go ahead and submit the application.  Funny thing is - I had already filled out the paperwork for the other courier, and with the new turn of events - I had to redo the application again.  If any one needs a visa application filled out for China - I am a pro!

Many are asking if we have a travel date, and the answer is - NO! We are closer though.  We should hopefully know something by the end of Nov. or first of Dec.  We are waiting on what is called Travel Approval and to now wait for our visas to come back.

Keep Praying!! Is it too early to pack?


  1. This is the most painful part of this process. I do have piles of my "stuff" packed for the trip. I've got the Kleenex, hand sanitizer and our daughter's clothes ready to go. Praying for your family!!

  2. I was just wondering what was going on. Praying for you today. The waiting part is so hard! Can't wait to hear you are on the way. Hope to stop by when we are home this spring for a few months and see your family together.