Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Family in the News

Last week our family was interviewed by our local newspaper, thanks to our daughter Hannah.  I had asked my oldest girls to write a report on their trip to China.  I gave them both a couple of ideas, and they ran with it.  Hannah being older allowed me to ask for more info from her and to dig deeper.  She wrote a very nice report and posted it on her blog, and thanks to encouragement from one of her friends - she submitted part of it to the newspaper.  I was unaware she had done this until an email popped up in my inbox from a writer for the paper.  We were proud of her for her initiative, and we are always happy to bring to attention the need for adoptive parents. 

Today the article about our family came out in the paper.  We are happy with the article, and how positive it was. We pray that someone will read it, see the need, and feel led to adopt here in the US or internationally.  We want to be a family who is making a difference in the kingdom of God.

Sorry, I couldn't resist posting this picture. If you look closely you can see a little tooth peeking through.

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