Thursday, February 16, 2012

Proud Parent Moment

So proud of my AWANA quizzer!
This past Saturday was the annual AWANA Bible quizzing.  Our girls have been participating in this event for the past 5 years.  In order to compete you have to have completed the first 4 discoveries in  your book.  This year we only had two T-n-T girls to compete from our church - Emily and her friend Caroline.  This was Emily's 3rd year to go and compete, but this year was a little different.  Emily had been complaining of a sore throat, but I thought it was just drainage from the sinus infection she was getting over, but mom of the year here, waited a couple of days before taking her to the doctor. As luck would have it, we went the morning of the quizzing to make sure it was nothing too bad.  The diagnosis - STREP THROAT - OH NO!!!!  She was devastated that she could not compete and expose others to her germs.  Thanks to dad talking to the kind leader of the event, Jeff, they allowed Emily to come early and quiz alone. She was not eligible to the team award, but she was happy to compete.  She had looked forward to this since the beginning of the AWANA year and had been working hard to get all of her verses memorized.  Also, if she did not compete she could not have competed next year in the 4th book.  We slipped in to the church and were out before the event started.

Despite being sick she received High Honors with only missing 2 questions. She was very excited is looking forward to competing next year in Book 4.  Caroline did awesome as well - she received quiz champion and her team won first place.

CONGRATS GIRLS ON A GREAT QUIZ YEAR!!  Thanks so much to their coach Emily Roth for helping them prepare!!!

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