Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In the Trenches

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around the Dear house, but really when has it not.  Juggling three girls and all their stuff - I'm tired.  In a period of 3 weeks we have had 4 doctors appointments, tennis games, tennis practice, tennis tournament, trumpet lessons, band, middle school solo & ensemble, homeschool recital, a stay in the day hospital for an IVIG infusion, blood draws, and somewhere in there we did school.

Rae is doing well.  She has had no more seizures - PTL! Her platelet count is up in the normal range thanks to her IVIG treatment.  We should get 4-8 weeks of good number with this before having to do it again. We do hope this is the answer, and there is no more seek and find.  There are other doctor appoints we have to go to, and decisions of possible surgery coming up on her eyes and getting her nose cauterized.  We are really getting to know our way around Children's Hospital.  Her English is doing great, but it has been a little more difficult to get her to do school some days. We were proud of her when she sang "Jesus Loves Me" at the CFE recital. I think a few of us may have teared up.

Hannah and Emily are doing great as well.  Our family enjoyed watching Hannah play one of the dwarfs in the CFE Drama production of "Fairy Tale Courtroom-REMIXED". She loves drama class and looking forward to next year.  She also played in her first tennis tournament.  While she didn't win, she played really well and all her games were close.  Emily is really doing well in her trumpet lessons and did an awesome job on her solo at the homeschool recital.  Last week she got to play in the advanced band for the first time.  Both girls did fabulous! 

In the coming weeks, we are trying to finish up some things in school, and next week we are going to do their Iowa testing.  I just hope I can keep Rae from distracting them.  My mom is coming in 2 weeks, and will get to see Rae for the first time.   I cannot believe Emily will be 11, and so we are working on that party.  I am looking forward to bringing back a Dear Family Memorial Day tradition - Low Country Shrimp Boil with a new addition of crawfish - fresh from Louisiana.

Thanks everyone for your prayers through all of this.  We are truly grateful!

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