Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Foot

My left foot for many years has been a source and pain and frustration. Several years ago when we still lived in Alabama, I had surgery on it to clean it out and fix a fracture I had no idea about. The surgery seemed to have worked, but a few weeks after it we had a house fire and I was back on my foot working hard to clean out and help repair our partial burnt home.

The pain started coming back. I would get cortisone shots, and I just started living with the pain. I ran a half marathon with this ankle. I didn't have much pain while training, so I thought maybe it was good. Well, in the past few years the pain has returned and with a vengeance. It would hurt standing on it a long time, shopping, and when I would clean my house. It would be hard to walk the next day, but I just lived with it.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I had had enough. Sadly, it took meeting our insurance deductible for me to finally go to the doctor. After my first visit he scheduled an MRI because of what he saw in the X-ray. The X-ray showed there was an extra bone, and I was hoping that was all that was wrong. This past Monday I got the results of the test, and oh my goodness. My ankle is a mess, and it seems my only option is surgery. If surgery is not bad enough, the recovery is going to be a little trying. My foot will likely be in a cast for 6-8 weeks, and then I can absolutely put no weight on my foot during that time. YIKES!! Noel has already informed me that he will be mean to me if I do not follow the doctors orders. We are both tired of the pain, and I want to be able to clean house and be pain free the next day.

 Just pray this will work this time, and recovery will go quickly and I that will come out with a brand new ankle. Pray my girls will be able to handle mom being a little incapacitated for a little while. They are sad they will still have to do school.

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