Monday, July 30, 2012

Strabismus Repair Day

Today was surgery day for Rae. She had her eyes fixed and her nose cauterized. At some point in time in her life, likely resulting from her stroke, her eyes started drifting or what is called strabismus.  It is not always noticeable to most, but it is worse when she is tired or crying.  We were not sure if we should get it repaired, but after consulting an pediatric ophthalmologist we went ahead with the surgery.  Without repair she would likely lose some of her side vision and her depth perception.  It is a fairly simple procedure done as an outpatient procedure.

This morning we headed out bright and early before 5 am for her surgery at Children's.  She did great and actually did not need any meds to calm her down.  Most of the time she has to go to hospital she get to play on the iPad or my phone.  She thought she was going to get to do the same today, but she was sad when she found out there would be no computer this time. She didn't remember much from the last time she had surgery, which was good.  We did find out she was sad and cried when she went into surgery.  It was funny when I asked her what she wanted to take - her blanket, pillow, and panda all got to go with us this morning, and they also went into surgery with her. It did make my day when I walked into PACU that she wanted her mommy and was calling for me.

Rae came thru both of her procedures just fine.  Having her IVIG  infusion last week helped get her counts up, which would cut down on any extra oozing, and it definitely helped today.  The ENT was able to cauterized several vessels in her nose, and he said we should see a very marked difference. This will be a nice break from having nose bleeds that could send us to the ER.  Her eye procedure went well too.  Her eyes are red right now and has double vision.  They are bothering her, especially right after she came out to recovery. We are having to stay close to her because if she has to move around she is still a little dizzy.  It is funny because she is wanting to do it herself, so she scoots or crawls around.  The part she is not liking are the eye drops - she was not happy with mom!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying.  We are very grateful. 

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  1. The eye drops are the worst!! Rachel had hers repaired last summer. Hang in there!! Praying for her.