Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Too Busy Living Life

 I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start. We are doing well in the Dear house. Noel and I have been busy getting things around the house organized and cleaned out. We try to talk at night to see what each other has planned for the next day. We sometimes even schedule our days to make sure something is accomplished. It works! We have tackled many projects around the house. It has helped me so much that I haven't been on my computer too much to write blog posts. It is getting me to get back into the creative/crafting mode. I cannot wait till hubby finishes the basement schoolroom/craft room and the girls and I can see all the things we can create. One thing I have been able to get back to is finishing some of my knitting projects.

This month has been exciting. We celebrated Rae being an American for 1 year and had our 1 year post placement visit.  A couple of weeks ago we had Emily's baptism and Rae's dedication on the same Sunday. I told Noel that all of our children are involved in the morning service, because Hannah was also playing the keyboard that morning. It was an exciting and special day. We do wish our families could have been with us.

Emily and Noel

Rae telling everyone that she is happy to have a mommy, daddy, and sisters

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