Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Great Playroom Clean-up

Earlier this year we started working on cleaning out the different areas and rooms in our home. Hubby says it is an effort to be more productive and to lighten the house. It has taken a several weeks, but we do have most of the house done with just a couple of areas left to tackle. So, yesterday the girls and I tackled the playroom with some groans from the peanut gallery. Hubby had already moved my computer back down here from our bedroom. It had been in our bedroom due to my ankle surgery. Plus, Rae and I were doing her school in our room. Moving all of that to the playroom, plus Emily starting to clean out her room created quite a mess in the playroom. You could not even see the floor.

In order for me to work and Rae to do school, I knew it had to be cleaned. So armed with our trash bags we cleaned and organized. It took a few hours, but it was clean - even the little closet in the room. I will not tell you how many bags we filled up. With only a little left to organize, every thing now has a place. The loving family has a nice clean home, the ponies are all together, and Barbie and her friends in various states of dress are all together as well. Hannah organized our books and movies, but I did have to keep reminding her not to read as she goes. I do like where we put all the fairy wings. It originally is to hang pictures, but it is nicely holding the wings and Emily's ribbons. The girls were proud of all the work we did. They celebrated by picking out a board game and played it in the floor of the newly cleaned playroom.

The playroom side of the room all clean. The horse in the picture was made by my dad and a loving keepsake of mine. There is a little closet to the right that holds all our board games, puzzles, and the few dress-up clothes we have left.

With this week's trash - our trash man made need another thank you sign and candy.

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