Monday, February 25, 2013

Crazy Weekend

This past weekend has been one of those crazy weekends where we were all going in different directions. We had things going on with the church as well as things with our girls. The week even started busy with a quick trip to IKEA in Pittsburgh to pick up furniture for Emily's room. So during the week between doing school and doctor appointments, we were cleaning out Emily's and Rae's rooms to move furniture around. It was fruit basket turnover in the upstairs, but the weekend was coming and things had to be put on hold to get the downstairs ready for a get together at our house Friday night. We all banded together and got it done with some of the girl's rooms still left undone. We hope to finish it all this week and maybe I will post some pictures of the girl's rooms finished.

Saturday was very busy day. We were all passing each other coming and going. I had one girl at tennis while I was taking a friend's daughter's senior pictures. Next up, I met Noel for lunch with some friends, but I had to leave in time to get back to get the girls and go to Capital University for Hannah to play in OMEA District Festival. This was Hannah's first time in something with her new piano teacher. She did great and received great comments from her judge. Noel was unable to come, so he listened via speakerphone (just like the commercials). Hannah has come so far in the year with her new teacher. The group she played with has some great pieces to listened to, and it motivated Hannah to play more advanced music. I am SO excited to hear that! She is becoming quite the musician.

Hannah with her certificate

Rae in her dress she wore for her dedication.  I had not gotten a good picture of her in her favorite dress.

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