Friday, January 20, 2012

Doctors and Needles

We have been in and out of doctor's offices too much lately.  Our oldest daughter fought a could while we were in China and it turned into a real bad sinus infection after we returned home.  Her visit to the doctor has been tame compared to Rae.

Many of you know Rae was in the special needs program in China due to her blood disorder and strambismus.  Upon returning home she had been scheduled to go to the adoption clinic at Children's, but due to a death in the family it was postponed.  While we were waiting to go, she started having some pain in her teeth.  We talked to the clinic, and they put us in touch with the hematology clinic to clear her to go to the dental clinic.  Rae was a trooper thru all of this.  She was seen by hematology and then sent down to the dental clinic.  Dental discovered multiple things wrong with her teeth - decay, staining, cavities, etc.  They told us we could do 4 - 1 hour visits or one visit under anesthesia and she is done.  We chose the later.  During all this the anesthesia dept. would not clear her to do it in the clinic but would rather do it in the main OR because her platelets were too low.  Other back and forth things went on, and so we have been waiting on them to call with our surgery date.  Back at the hematology lab they were trying to discover what was causing her low platelets.  The diagnosis given to her in China, was incorrect.  While she may have had it when she was found, she no longer did or maybe it was misdiagnosed.  Her doctor ordered a great deal of blood work in conjunction with adoption clinic - 21 vials!! The results came in, and we still do not know what is causing the low platelet count.  We did find out she has had some of her vaccines and is anemic.  The doctor did say that she is relatively healthy, but we are not sure of the cause of her low platelets.  We go back to doctor on Monday for more tests. He is trying to discover if this is being caused by her bone marrow or her spleen.  Provided things go well on Monday and her blood count is not too low, she will have her dental surgery on Tuesday.

We knew that medical records in China were not always correct, but we are thankful she is here in America receiving the proper care.  We know she is in God's hand, and he has a plan for this little girl. Our older girls are being great during this as well as being excited about hanging out with their friends instead of having to be at the hospital.  We are so  thankful for our friends who are helping us with our girls and allowing them to hang with their family. 

I do have some new pictures of her, but I have not had a chance to edit them.  There has been alot of playing, having fun, games, and tea parties happening in between trying to work on her English and a little bit of school.  It is slowly coming, and we are happy she is finally calling herself Rae Dear.  I will try to post photos soon.

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  1. I hope that you receive some answers soon and so glad she is being a trooper throught it all. Can't wait to see pictures!