Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

I know this is not a normal holiday we celebrate, but I am sure Rae is use to doing though. It is the year of the Dragon, which is very important in China. We have not made much of it this year due to all that is going on, especially since we have not officially celebrated Christmas.  We are finally celebrating it this coming weekend, and our girls are very excited. Maybe next year we can acknowledge it a little more.

Our first post adoption report is due this next week, and I have been working on filling in details needed by our social worker.  I was reading back thru her abandonment certificate and just felt sadness for her again.  I knew all this before, but now that we know and love her even more, I just breaks my heart anew.  This little girl has cemented herself into our hearts, and we cannot imagine our lives without her. She is an amazing, resilient little lady, who can one moment be independent and the next wanting you to hold and cuddle her.  She showers us with hugs and kisses, and another source of laughter to our family.  She is learning more words and calls us by our names - Mommy, Daddy, Han-nah, and Eminee.  Our new phrase today - "brush your teeth". She also had her first experience in roller skating and had the time of her life.  We love seeing her open up to more people.
Please keep us in your prayers over the next couple of days for big blood work tomorrow and dental surgery on Tuesday.

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