Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Results are in

After many blood tests and other diagnostics, they have determined what is the likely culprit of Rae's low platelet count. First, her blood is fine-nothing wrong-Praise the Lord!! It is a nasty little bacteria in her stomach called helicobactor pylori. It is common in developing countries. According to her doctor she has probably had this before entering the orphanage and has gone untreated the last three years.  It is likely that she may have developed some ulcers due to be untreated, but we are not certain at this time. He also informed us that she suffered from malnourishment before and during her stay in the orphanage. 

We will be starting her on several meds to combat this and hopefully this get her on the road to recovery. She is one resilient little girl. 

Thank you Lord for putting the right doctors in our path to help us to figure out what is going on. 

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  1. Praise God!! This is good news. Now she can get the proper care and grow up healthy and happy. She couldn't be in a better place, or have a better family!!