Monday, January 9, 2012

Three Weeks

It is hard to believe we have been a family of 5 for 3 weeks now.  We are still trying to get settled into routine.  Our family did have a hiccup last week with the passing of hubby's grandmother, and we had to travel to South Carolina. Rae did great meeting family, and was not too shy.  She is normally shy when entering a new place, but I believe when she realizes we are still there she will warm up to people - mostly kids and females. 

Her language is slowing coming.  We have figured out what some words are, and she is learning to say a few things in English.  She can almost count to 10 in English as part of the way thru the alphabet. She loves to get in the floor and play with the girls and "baba".  She is definitely all personality.  It is fun watching to see what food she likes and does not like. 

She is not the same girl that was kicking and screaming out of the civil affairs office 3 weeks ago.  She is a Dear girl now!!

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  1. Such a great picture!! Even I can see the difference in her smile. Love it!!!