Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quick Rae Health Update

Last week we had a busy couple of days of doctors appointments with Rae. In addition to her weekly speech therapy, she had her checkup with her neurologist and ophthalmologist.  Her neurologist is just amazed with how well she is doing.  She has not had to up her medicine, and she has not had any seizures either.  Her doctor was happy how well she has been doing in speech therapy.  She is reading now, and her therapist is helping to fill in the holes in her language that were missing. It is fun to watch her try to sound out EVERYTHING!  It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since that horrible morning.  Rae is just defying science, but all the thanks can be given to God.

Ophthalmologist appointment was a little more difficult.  It was an appointment where they had to dilate her eyes, and do a complete exam. The big question this time was if her eyes were still drifting - sadly - they are.  It is definitely better after the first surgery, but she is still occasionally sees double and the right eye drifts.  We now need to decide if we go ahead and do the surgery or wait another 6 months. She doesn't complain about it, but I do wonder if that causes her headaches. 

This week she will be going to the hematologist to see how things are. She has already had one IVIG treatment this year due to her count dropping way too low.  She is doing great with everything she has to deal with.

One appointment coming up I am dreading is the dentist.  We were suppose to have already seen them, but due to misunderstanding it has been postponed til next month.  I will also be inquiring if we need to go ahead and have some early orthodontia intervention.  I am hoping due to having had all those baby teeth removed so early, it has not caused any spacial problems.

So, she is doing really well with everything as long as we just keep on top of everything.  We are very thankful to God how He has taken care of her.

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