Monday, December 12, 2011

China - Here we come!!

Right now I should be asleep. In a few hours my alarm will go off, and we will finishing getting everything in our bags and head to the airport. A friend is picking us up so we will not have to leave our car at the airport. At 7:10 we will start our journey to Rui. We have prayed and longed for this day. It is TIME!!

We will arrive in Beijing on my birthday. We will spend a few days there before heading to Chengdu. Our Gotcha Day is the 19th, and it will be finalize on the 20th, my mother's birthday. After this we will travel to Guangzhou to finish up some more paperwork, obtain her visa, and soon travel home. We should arrive back in the US December 30th.

We are excited and praying for a smooth transition, but we are expecting a few bumps. We hope to keep everyone updated on our blog. We have a VPN - wish us luck.

See you soon as the Dear family of FIVE!!

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