Thursday, December 1, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

After a very long 18 months, we have purchased our plane tickets to go get our daughter. We cannot believe it is actually happening now. We are leaving on December 13th, so that is a mere 12 days to get things done and prepared. There are several things we need to get done before we leave.

- Pray that Noel can get his schoolwork and church work done before we leave.
- Pray that there are no weather delays.
- Pray that Rui's transition will go well, and that she will understand how loved she is.
- Pray that all of our luggage will arrive to it destinations.
- Pray that we remember everything we need.
- Pray that we will all stay healthy leading up to and during the trip.

Thanks everyone who has prayed and been with us through this journey.  We are almost there.

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