Friday, December 23, 2011

On to the Next Leg of our Journey

It is already Christmas eve here in China.  We are missing all the preparations leading up to the big day.  Christmas decorations are up here, but it focuses on the commercial aspect of Christmas.  We found out that we will be able to go to church on Christmas morning, and we are looking forward to that. 

Our last couple of days were spent getting the rest of our paperwork finished and Rae's Chinese passport.  We also visited the Chengdu Embroidery and Brocade Museum.  Noel was a little skeptical, but we enjoyed it.  It was amazing to see how the ancient embroidery was made. 

Food in Chengdu has not been the greatest, but Noel was able to find 2 western restaurants a Tex-Mex and another called Grandmother's Kitchen.  Both were a nice break from Chinese and fast-food.  Rae enjoyed her first milkshake and hotdog. She still cannot get enough french fries.

Yesterday we flew out of Chengdu into Guangzhou, our last stop before heading home.  We are happy to be in a nicer hotel, and we are looking forward to seeing the other families.  Here Rae will be checked out by a doctor, get her TB test, and finish her travel paperwork.  We are all tired and ready to get back to America.

We miss you all, and cannot wait to get back home and here some English.  Merry Christmas Eve!!

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