Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a Girl - OFFICIALLY!!!

Yesterday according to the Chinese government - Yang Rui is now RAE MICHELLE DEAR.  She can never be taken away from us.  It was a wonderful family day with more bonding and having fun.  We are thankful for our guide and Hannah knowing Mandarin.  Last night we found an American restaurant - Peter's Tex-Mex.  We had a great time and Rae tried everything.  She loved the hot dog, salsa, peppers, and most of all the milkshake.  After coming back to our hotel we got our playing cards out and played a game that only Rae knew.  We have never laughed so hard.

Everyday is getting better.  Last night she told me she loved us.  Also, nothing like sleeping in a bed with 3 little girls.  Today we are going to see the giant pandas.  We are all excited to them.  We also decided not to go back to her orphanage, but we may try to see her city. 

This has been an amazing journey that we have been following the Lord on, and we cannot wait to see where it leads us and this little girl.

tdmw - typed by Rae


  1. So happy for you!!! Loved the video you posted, made my heart ache for Joshua!! Hopefully it wont be to much longer

  2. Congratulations!! Tera-sweetgirls on RQ