Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nearing the End

At the end of some vacations, we are not ready for them to end.  This one, however, we are!! We are ready for our home, our bed, our cooking, English, no smoking, and to drive ourselves.  Noel is considering using some of the driving techniques he learned here like, making your own lane and constantly blowing your horn. I will miss the weather here in Guangzhou though - sunny and 60's.

Today was another exciting day - we took the oath for Rae to be a US citizen.  It was a pretty cool experience with all the other families at the same time repeating the oath.  When we entered the US Consulate, I was so happy to see the Stars and Stripes!!  Before we left, we were trying to get Rae to say "USA, USA..."; "I now renounce my citizenship to China"; and "I pledge allegiance to the flag...".  She didn't, but we will definitely be working on that.  So, now when we land in the Detroit airport, and she steps off the plane -  Rae will be come an official citizen of the United States of America!!

Our days with Rae are getting better, and we are having more and more bonding.  We still have language issues, but it is getting better.  Emily is excited that Rae loves to blow-dry hair.  I was happy to find out how to give her a bath without any screaming and crying.  She is learning to trust us more, especially Noel.  She loves his airplane rides and riding on his shoulders. She even went to the playground in the hotel with just him.

Tomorrow we will get Rae's visa, and we will board a van for a 3 hour ride to Hong Kong.  Friday morning (Thursday night for our readers) we will board the big plane for our long trip home. I am not sure if I will update again before we arrive home, but one thing I will say - GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

One last thing, I saw t-shirts an entire family was wearing that pretty much sums up God's command for adoption - GOT LOVE? ADOPT.  I would not trade this experience for the world, and we are thankful God is allowing us to be apart of this little girls life.  We will be changed forever!

feeding giraffe at zoo

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